Friday, December 6, 2013

NEEDS Foundation, proudly serving OKC’s hungry since 2010!

Remington Park is honored to support one of OKC’s newest and fastest growing charitable foundations, the NEEDS Foundation.

The NEEDS Foundation addresses one of our states most serious problems – the 500,000+ that go hungry every day. Men, women, children, and seniors are all inexplicably at risk of going hungry in a place that has more than enough food to go around. The unfortunate reality is that Oklahoma is in the top 4 states leading the nation in hunger.

In an effort to address and help solve this problem, the NEEDS Foundation works to bridge the gap between unserved food in restaurants and those who need it most. All of the food collected and donated by the NEEDS Foundation easily passes all state and federal health code regulations, and is given at no cost to our 500,000+ Oklahomans that go hungry on a daily basis.

Lots of local restaurants, including Remington Park’s food establishments are proud to have jumped on board with this incredible and ambitious mission. We’re not afraid to say that this is something that should have been happening for a long time now, and we’re very excited to do everything we can to support the NEEDS Foundation and their efforts.
In addition to the problem of hunger, by reducing the unnecessary amount of food being disposed of in landfills and the toxic methane gases produced from the decomposing organic waste, the NEEDS Foundation looks to have a positive environmental and financial effect in America with cleaner air –by affordably addressing the $100 billion spent annually as a resolution for this growing issue.

The amazing folks at the NEEDS Foundation are always in search of more people to join and support their cause; your help can make it possible for them to obtain much needed operating funds, equipment, and volunteers to reach out to all of Oklahoma.  “Have a Heart” and help make a better tomorrow for hungry Oklahomans with your contributions and support.

Remington Park was thrilled to donate 67 turkeys to Needs Foundation to feed our locals in need this holiday season!

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