Tuesday, August 2, 2016

             Erik McNeil:


The joys of winning are always appealing, but the rigors of achieving the win are equally compelling.      

The video portrayal of a day in the life of a jockey is interesting; however, that specific video story is not unique, plus it has a short shelf life.  But!  The depiction of an entire racing season in the life of a jockey from the start of the meet to the conclusion (as the season evolves), is something that is bright and new.  Using a series of short :60 to :90 second weekly video pieces, the ups and downs and drama of being a jockey will be revealed on the Remington Park Coors & Coors Light Superscreen and via RP social media sources. 

So why Erik McNeil?  I thought it would be interesting for viewers to see a rider who does not typically win a race every day at Remington Park.  A rider who is still eager to win (and is trying) can be a natural underdog. 

And when you factor in Erik’s personality of being: outspoken, clever, sometimes dopey, funny and occasionally oblivious to his surroundings – and standings, you’ve got an elixir for some good television.         At least that’s the plan.  Who knows, maybe Erik will even tell us about a horse he thinks can win its next race?

The intent of RP SEASON QUEST – TB 2016 is to enlighten and entertain the horse racing fan, or potential horse racing fan.  We want you to watch an episode – and then be eager for the next episode. 

In the future, this video series will ideally feature other jockeys, as well as, trainers, owners and possibly even racing fans.  For now, we want to walk, trot and hopefully canter with a member of our jockey colony who is effervescent and unpredictable; and that person, this season, is jockey Erik McNeil.

We hope you enjoy and anticipate this video series.  If you do, please talk and tweet about it. 

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Written by:
Chris Kotulak
Writer & Producer

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