Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Q & A with Wisconsinite Zach Weber

We have some incredible fans and industry experts around the nation that we had to hunt down for some personal insights. Check out the thoughts and opinions of Indiana native, Wisconsin dwelling, horse racing enthusiast, Zach Weber!

How did you fall in love with horse racing?  

For three years I watched the Kentucky Derby. Then, finally in 2012 I decided to finally make a bet. I went to a local OTB in Illinois and I put $50 Across the Board on I'll Have Another; that was my very first bet.... The rest is history!

Do you have a favorite racetrack? 

Los Al, Canterbury and of course Remington. Given work and the fact that my wife and I are raising three little rascals, the night races are always better for us. It gives me all day to (try to) handicap. 

I used to attend countless races a season when I lived in Chicago, but, since we moved to Wisconsin it is only three or four times a year. Have I mentioned raising three little ones? Haha

Who is / was your favorite racehorse of all time?
Moonist for sure. RIP...

Okay. You have to choose. Quarter horse or Thoroughbred season? 

Quarter horse…. Fast and furious!

If you ever own a racehorse, what will you name it?
Tabasco Cat! (no hesitation)

What is the most you've won in a wager? 

A little over $4,000 at ASD. Yes… ASD.

What is your go-to racetrack grub?
Fries on fries on fries.

What is your favorite aspect of the horse racing industry?

The twitter horse racing crowd. They can be cynical and just plain mean at times, but I love them and their competitiveness to death. Plus it’s entertaining.

How have you seen the industry change over the years? 

Steady as it goes.

Zach has been known to take our very own Blaze on adventures with his kiddos and fellow racing mascots nationwide! Belly laughs are a given when you put these two together.

Stay tuned for next week's Q & A segment featuring the next mystery racing guest!

Written by:
Krystal Nelson

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