Thursday, March 24, 2016

                                           5 DATES YOU CAN’T MISS THIS SEASON

       Fiesta at the Park- April 16th
Time to FIESTA! Authentic food, beer and live music, now that’s what we call a party… Not to mention some of the best Quarter Horse racing in the nation! So mark your calendars, save the date, you’ll be missing out if you don’t join the fiesta!

2.       Extreme Race Day- April 24th
From snouts to humps, you can bet they’ll be on the track this day! Ostriches, check. Camels, check. Donkeys, check. Pigs, don’t doubt it. Zebras, you bet and don’t forget about the always amazing Quarter Horses! Think we forgot about your tummy, nope; check out the food truck derby too… It’s a day of EXTREME races and EXTREME giving as we raise money for our Remington Park charities! 

3.       Kentucky Derby- May 7th
Dress to impress! We know you’ve been waiting all season long for this… From hat contests to mint juleps, this might take the cake as the biggest date of the season and trust us… You want your slice! We know it’s the talk of the town, so talk derby…

4.       Memorial Day- May 30th
Start with some live music and finish with some live racing. The goodies and giveaways are just the beginning to a day filled with fun. So leave the I’s we’ll dot them and we’ll cross those t’s too… We’ve got Memorial Day covered from the time you walk in the door. Salute!  

5.     Quarter Horse Season Closer- June 4th
It’s obvious that you don’t want to miss this day… OVER 1 MILLION DOLLARS IN PURSE WINNINGS! Yes, we saved the best for last… This is deserving of a please, thank you and you’re welcome!

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